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Our Services

PRECISION CONSULTING has in its staff one team of 40 professionals’ expert in one or more of the tools used in the development of applications.


Technological Support to the medium / small companies through:

  • IN-HOUSE services

  • Telephonic Attention

  • Displacement of technicians specialized in office systems and communications.

  • Service of preventive maintenance (back up supervision, anti-virus, protocols of security, etc...)

  • Ofimatics equipment Installation.

  • Net Installation.

  • Development and accommodation of WEB pages.

  • Remote Monitoring WEB SITE.

  • FTP Backup copies trough Internet.

  • Services from others cessions and hosting of WEB PAGE domains.

  • Sale of equipment and consumables.

  • Advice on computer applications.


Precision Consulting is partner standardized of:

  • ORACLE (Relational Data Bases).

  • SOFTNIX (Gespro and Contapro for management of Medium/Small companies).

  • PANDA SOFTWARE (Anti-viruses).

  • HP (Distributor of Hardware).

  • DIODE (Distributor of Hardware).

  • RITTAL Collaboration with facilities of equipment and IT rooms.

oracle softnix panda software
HP diode rittal