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Security Control

Control de Seguridad

The human security is developed as integral concept of security. While the notion national security points to the security and defense of a State or nation, the human security is centered in the final user of the security, the human being.

Derived of the above-mentioned, the human being has to do the necessity to protect physically many goods also as well intellectuals from thefts, robberies or fraudulent manipulation.

The identification of documents is also one of the most important measures the security of a company in order to be able to take a control of presence or appropriate access.

The Security of Information is the natural evolution of the computer security, on the sense that it is in charge of, not only establishing the computationally elements of security for Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability but also the establishment of the control elements that regulate the physical, logical and legal aspects, on that way, a vision of 360 degrees of the protection and use of the information assets.

The Security of the Information Systems is an indispensable requirement for any company or institution that wants to guarantee the continuity of its business.

In the current state of the use of technologies, it is impossible to imagine that the daily operations of a company can be carried out normality without having computer systems and of the communications that support them.

Among the measures of security that it is necessary to adopt at the firsts place is the physical protection of the computers and data.

In cryptography and computer security, darkness security (sometimes security of concealment) it is a controversial principle of engineering of security, which tries to use the secret (of design, of implementation, etc.) to assure the security. A system that leans on the security for concealment can have theoretical or practical vulnerabilities of security, but its proprietors or designers believe that these weak points are not known by others, and that it is difficult that the attackers will discover them.