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Innovation of Nationwide Human Resources Management using Biostation

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Suprema's BioStation became an ideal solution for human resource management of Korea’s largest cosmetic maker, Amore Pacific.

Amore Pacific had been searching for a system that could effectively manage the work schedule of its more than 32,000 contract basis saleswomen working in over 600 branches nationwide. The company had two issues, fast and effective way of attendance reporting of saleswomen from branches and a blacklist control. Blacklist detection was needed because some saleswomen dismissed from a branch for misconduct could easily get a job again after moving to another branch using a forged ID card.

The company found a solution when it decided to adopt Suprema's BioStations after being convinced of its accuracy and the benefits of the computerized fingerprint recognition system. Six hundreds of BioStation were deployed in all branches and the whole systems were networked together with a central server in a headquarter for real-time online monitoring and analysis. In fingerprint enrollment, the central server checks new fingerprints with blacklist database and avoids improper employment. The project was one of the biggest commercial biometric deployments integrated by network. The project also demanded fingerprint enrollments of more than 320,000 fingerprints by capturing ten fingers of each saleswomen.

Lee Yong-sik, the manager of Amore Pacific's BR team stated, "I expect the fingerprint recognition system, which is worry free from fraud, will solve the problem of employee work schedule management, which until now could not really be done efficiently." He also mentioned, "Since this system can generate accurate and detailed work-schedule data, such as the work hours of employees who worked either within or outside the company, and the sales staffs working at nationwide business centers, I expect that it will bring about many changes in our human resources management policy".

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