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Outbacker MXP

The Redefinition of Secure, High Capacity Portable Storage

Outbacker MXP is a complete standalone, portable, USB powered, secure, multi-functional product with on-board processor and seamless, hardware based encryption.

Outbacker MXP provides unprecedented security, functionality and flexibility in the management of sensitive information. Data copied or removed from the enterprise network requires the same level of protection as if it remained on the enterprise network itself.

The requirement of the enterprise to protect valuable corporate data from theft or malicious manipulation is paramount. On the other hand, with the increasing demand of a mobile or remote workforce, the equal need to deploy this very information is also paramount. This offsite workforce also creates the demand for remote access to network resources. Credential validation prior to network access permission is vital to a viable network security solution.

Outbacker MXP is a device providing not only secure encrypted storage, but powerful management of digital identity credentials used for authentication and verification to enterprise and personal services.

As a digital identity device, Outbacker MXP is user bound via 3 factor authentication (biometric, password and digital credentials). Outbacker MXP is a state-of-the-art Portable Security Token Service (PSTS) for WS-Trust, providing up to 36 PSTS Credential Sets and capable of issuing SAML tokens for an unlimited number of bindings to Target Services. Outbacker MXP offers a host of general purpose, industry standard, cryptographic services, including random number generation, key generation with internal or external entropy, symmetric encryption/decryption (AES), asymmetric signing, verification, encryption and decryption (RSA), One Time Password (OATH HOTP), secure hash (SHA-1 and SHA-256) and compliance with industry standards such as X9.31, PKCS #1 and SAML 1.1.

Outbacker MXP also provides seamless encryption (AES 256) of hard disk storage of 20GB, 40GB and 60GB in footprint small enough to fit in your shirt pocket.

Outbacker MXP supports the enrollment of 5 users and 6 fingerprints and makes use of a patent pending user-mode communication protocol providing true zero footprint mode – no software administrator rights required on the host PC.