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Memory Experts

Memory Experts International is at world-wide level, the multinational manufacturer in storage devices of portable data of top security, based on systems of biometric access, subsystems of hard disk, modules by heart and technologies of wiring for computers and computer equipments of office.

With more than 10 years of experience, Memory Experts International this proud of its skill to combine its immense knowledge in the industry with an insuperable time of answer towards the market always to find solution to the alterable and complex needs of its customers.

The proliferation of devices USB has supposed an important advantage in the portability of the information.

With them, it is possible to bring the files to the place where |it wishes itself to work with them, to connect them with.

The comfort is guaranteed. And the security ?

The devices ClipDrive Bio, Outbacker MXP and Stealth MXP that PRECISION CONSULTING distributes, guarantee that were they go, the data will only be able to be used by the owner of them.

Memory Experts