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IT Security Rooms Lampertz

In collaboration with LAMPERTZ, the company world leader in Computer Security, PRECISION CONSULTING provides its clients the appropriate equipment to protect:

  • Centers of Process of Data

  • Rooms of servers

  • Rooms of Communications

  • Rooms of Robots

  • Back-up centers

  • Files of magnetic support

The conditions of physical security for the Centers of Information are regulated by the Organic Law of Protection of Data (LOPD).

The room of maximum security TECHNO-MOBIL of Lampertz is an enclosure that gives the maximum protection level against any physical aggression that can affect to the computer systems or communications.

TECHNO-MOBIL is the only product in its gender which offers the certification guarantee from the European Certification Board (ECB-S), in accordance with the rule IN 1047-2 for security in the rooms of data process.

Sala IT Lampertz

The room of maximum security is a hermetical cubic precinct formed by panels that configure a structure:

  • Modulating. It can be installed in any space, with independence of its form and size.

  • It can be extendable according to the needs of each moment.

  • Self amble. It is totally independent of the architectural structure of the building in which it is installed.

  • Portable. It can be moved at any moment to a different location from the original.

  • With total "protection" against fire, flood, corrosive gases, demolition, radiations EMP, environmental dust, infiltration, etc.

  • Levels of security Access/opening undue Standard YOU 2. (DIN V 18013) Electromagnetic Disturbances Cage Farad. (EMP Test of Aachen) Water tightness LGA - Bw 8995.01 Corrosive gases and smoke tightness DIN 18095. The maximum limits of temperature and environmental humidity are ever not attained inside of the room of security TECHNO-MOBIL.

  • TECHNO-MOBIL MOBIL is a project "keys in hand": Analysis of risks, Planning, Engineering, Certification and Maintenance. Monitoring and control panel.

  • Detection and extinction of fires system. Security in the cables entry.

For more information download the catalog in PDF

Boards of security "MODULSAFE" of Lampertz

MODULSAFE is a container of maximum security, manufactured by Lampertz, for the protection of critical elements of the systems computer and of communications.

Based on the technology of 19",it contains inside a rack in which servers, routers, bridges, hubs, units of control LAN/WAN, workstations are placed ... all those equipments which permanent functioning has a special significance for the continuity of the operations.

With total protection against fire, flood, corrosive gases, demolition, radiations EMP, environmental dust, infiltration, etc. Equipped with:

  • Double operating door.

  • Air conditioning system (1600 ­ 2400 WA).

  • Introduction hermetical system up to 400 cables.

  • Control panel which indicates smoke in the inside, temperature, humidity and position of the door.

  • SAI

  • Fire extinction

  • Locks of security of easy and fast coupling without interrupting the functioning of the equipments.

Model 47 HE 36 HE
Outer measure high 2400 mm 2000 mm
Outer measure wide 1000 mm 1000 mm
Measure high inner 1650 mm 1650 mm
Measure bottom inner 2250 mm 1850 mm
Measure wide inner 850 mm 850 mm
Measure bottom 950 mm 950 mm
Weight Kg 800 650

For more information download the catalog in PDF