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Hourly Control


HoraSoft is a program prepared for managing the Hourly Control of its Employees and like complement to in the managing program, but a lot adjusted to the needs is attached a real subject of Human Resources that act as the program, an effective utility for the management of RR.HH. of any company.

The great novelty of this version is the possibility to make labeling of entry and exit through of the system of Biometrics and to bring the control of your employees how it is traditionally made with HoraSoft.


Moreover also this disposable the labeling through GPS, in case of having a fleet of trucks, coaches, vans, etc you will be able to know where each one of your vehicles is real at all times and in time.


There are two systems of hourly control:

  • Like a clock of labeling of entries and exits through of the keyboard or for Bar Code or Biometrics.

  • A Controller of extraordinary hours carried out by the Employees, both parties can have all the hours made by its employees controlled.


It also has an extended report with all particulars and a follow-up of the work record that makes HoraSoft a very complete program as a program of Human Resources.

HoraSoft can be used by Private companies and for Public companies; since it bears all datum that it needs the private company and the necessary datum for the public company.

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