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The Company

PRECISION CONSULTING was set up in 1996. In these ten years of history, it has been structured in four operating divisions:

  • Consulting IN-HOUSE
    Development of computer projects and contribution of staff specialized in several technological platforms.

  • Help Desk
    Services of help to Medium / Small companies customers for planning, installation and maintenance of every type of Computer Systems. Housing and development of web sites.

  • Access control through Biometrics
    Realization of projects for the security in the access, based on identification through fingerprint, for control of presence/absence, authorizations and timetables.

  • Computer Security
    Consultancy and realization of projects for the protection of the Computer Systems, Communications and Data. Installation of high security rooms LAMPERTZ. . Planning of security and contingencies. Consultancy for the fulfillment of the LOPD.

Precision Consulting has developed a model of specialized staff contribution based simultaneously on the traditional services of "closed projects" and "IN-HOUSE".

Our professionals

  • They know the required technological platforms.

  • They have an experience delayed in the rendering of services to thirds.

  • They are capable of integrating into new teams with facility.

  • They follow the methodology of "conception of projects" instilled by the company.

  • They correspond to personal and professional profiles selected accurately.

  • They follow programs of periodic training.

  • They understand the philosophy of the concept "service".

The service of projects from "network", every time more requested by our customers, offers the same advantages than the service" in house" and moreover reduces costs, allows a better flexibility and adds possibilities of exchange of technological experiences.

We train to our customers about methods, in tools and in the use of information technologies.