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Conventional access control systems are based on centralized operation that requires card readers and locks connected to a central control panel. Compared to card readers, control panels are expensive and a wiring could be complicated to connect all locks and readers in a different rooms to the control panel. Stability is another issue. When the control panel is out of order, it stops all door opening functions connected to the panel.

On the contrary, Suprema's access control solution is based on concept of distributed intelligence and IP connections from PC to door. Suprema's fingerprint devices like BioStation and BioEntry Plus are installed at each door and functions as an intelligent controller on its own. For security from separation of readers and controllers, an external I/O expansion unit named Secure I/O can be installed inside the door and manage door locks and input switches. Communication between BioStation, BioEntry Plus and Secure I/O is encrypted to provide higher security level than wiegand interface.

Utilizing a convenient TCP/IP-based Internet network, Suprema's access control solution doesn't have space limiation and can perfectly support various access control functions from those of simple one-door access control to even more complicated network type access control systems. It is a revolutionary access control solution with powerful advantages and affordable price. While offering the same advantages of a fingerprint-based system, it is easier to install and requires less wiring compared to existing RF card-based system thanks to its unique distributed structure.

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