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Incorporating Suprema’s industry-leading fingerprint recognition algorithm, BIOSTATION offers a perfect solution for time attendance and access control.

With a color LCD and high quality sound, BIOSTATION provides a different level of user interaction using multimedia information Versatile interface options including wireless LAN and USB memory enable an easy network integration and data transfer without any wiring.




BioStation BioStation BioStation
BioStation BioStation BioStation

Sensor Type



Swipe type Thermal

Resolution (dpi)




Sensing area (mm)

16.0 x 18.0

12.8 x 18.0

14.2 x 0.4

Image size (pixel)

288 x 288

256 x 360

280 x 8


  • 2.5" 16M Color LCD
    Display messages, video, animation and photos to convey various information and notices

  • Wi-Fi Wireless LAN
    Easy data access and contents transfer from PC using wireless network without wiring

  • USB memory slot
    Easy data transfer to PC or other BIOSTATIONs using a USB memory device

  • High quality sound
    16 bit Hi-Fi sound for background music, sound effect and voice instruction


CPU Dual CPU (32bit RISC + 400MHz DSP)
Memory 34MB flash + 34MB RAM
Display 2.5" QVGA 16M Color LCD
Fingerprint identification speed 3,000 match in 1 second
Fingerprint capacity 50,000 fingerprint templates
Log capacity 500,000 events
Network Interface Wireless LAN (optional), TCP/IP, RS485
PC Interface USB, RS232
USB Memory Slot USB Host
Output Relay Deadbolt, EM lock, door strike, automatic door
External I/O Wiegand I/O, 4 TTL I/O
Operation modes Fingerprint, PIN, PIN + Fingerprint
Door phone Microphone and speaker for door phone
Navigation key Navigation key for the menu movement
Function key 4 Function Keys to user-defined functions
Size 135 x 128 x 50mm (W x H x D)


  • Standalone

  • BioStation
  • Network (Wireless LAN or USB Memory)

  • BioStation
  • Network (TCP/IP or RS485)

  • BioStation

BioAdmin S/W

  • Management software running on MS Windows based PC platforms

  • User administration such as enrollment and deletion

  • Upload transaction log from BioEntry

  • Parameter setting of BioEntry

  • I/O, LED, and Wiegand configuraion of BioEntry