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Our biometric solutions

PRECISION CONSULTING has the best solutions for your company. We work with the main marks of the market at world-wide level in biometrics.

We have an extended range of possibilities for the control of access and of presence. We also have biometric solutions of top security for the protection of data in small portable devices (PENDRIVE USB).

What is Biometrics ?

The Biometrics is defined as automated identification of an alive person, based on the physiological characteristics or of behavior.

The recognition through physiological characteristics is carried out from the physical measures of parts of the human body, while the ones based on the behavior take into account how each person carries out determinate actions.

In SECURITY, the identification can be based in:

  • What we know: Passwords, a PIN or some personal information.

  • What we have: A card, a key or similar.

  • What we are: BIOMETRICS.

Why Biometrics ?

There are several systems to verify the identity of an individual. However biometrics is considered like the safest method since true features of each person are inherent to it and only to it.

The Biometrics allows a safe authentication, on the opposite the use of passwords or cards, they can be forgotten, stolen, duplicated, falsified or, anyhow, used by non authorized persons.

For the companies the work absenteeism concealed (Workers who sign on for other), it has effects more on the productivity than in the cost of the payroll.

The last advances in Biometrics combined with the computer science and the electronics, have allowed the development of the most modern and safest solutions of personal identification of control of access, of supervision of presence and of management of timetables.

Although there are other technologies, the most widespread is fingerprint verification, as it is a cheapest and less intrusive than others, like for example iris recognition. To the impossibility of transfer it adds itself the comfort of the user who does not have to bring and to memorize anything to identify itself.

The biometric sensor analyzes different pointç—´ characteristics of the fingerprint of each person (Called minutiae) and it stores these templates. On passing again the finger, the system compares it with the kept templates. However a complete fingerprint could not be obtained from these points treated through an algorithm.

The print also substitutes the key in the access to the computer and on the net. For this there are some devices that incorporate or are embedded into the computers that recognize the fingerprint of the user. Locks of office and USB memory cards with sensor of fingerprint or other biometrics products are with other possibilities to arrive at the big public.

These levels of security can be an indispensable requirement in:

  • Centers computer and of communications.

  • Zones of bank security (ATMs, back-office, safe boxes...)

  • Rooms of surveillance.

  • Health areas.

  • Dependences of security forces.

  • Airports.

  • Prestige areas in companies, Administration, hotels, private clubs, etc.

  • Quality Domotica.

Advantages of the Biometrics

The main advantage of the biometrics is that it is more comfortable and safe that the traditional systems like the passwords, tokens, etc The accesses with biometric technology have as an advantage that is not necessary the use of none another device more that us.

Advantages that the biometrics have are other of the multiple ones:

  • It can not get lost since the element of identification is a part of us and not an external device. (Cards, pins, etc)

  • There is not cost of maintenance. There is not being any external device of identification, no one has to renew it a certain timer from caducity, damage, theft or lost.

  • It can not forget. As a password, that can it be forgotten.

  • It can not be falsified.

Another of the advantages that biometrics has is that it can combine with other current security systems.