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BioEntry™ Smart

BioEntry Smart

BioEntry™ Smart is an access reader that integrates fingerprint and smart card readers into one device. Fingerprint template is stored on a contactless smart card and transmitted to BioEntry Smart to be authenticated with a card holder's fingerprint.

Carrying a fingerprint template on a smart card eliminates the difficulties of fingerprint registration and management issues and enables BioEntry Smart to replace proximity or mag-stripe readers in existing access control systems without any additional wiring.




BioEntry Smart BioEntry Smart BioEntry Smart
BioEntry Smart BioEntry Smart BioEntry Smart

Sensor Type



Swipe type Thermal

Resolution (dpi)




Sensing area (mm)

16.0 x 18.0

12.8 x 18.0

14.2 x 0.4

Image size (pixel)

288 x 288

256 x 360

280 x 8


  • Biometric data stored on card - easy registration and no privacy concern

  • Immediate replacement of existing readers - no additional wiring

  • Award winning fingerprint recognition engine (No.1 in FVC2004)e

  • Affordable price comparable to non-biometric smart card readers


  • World's most reliable fingerprint algorithm

  • Template storage on standard Mifare contactless smart cards

  • Multiple choice of industry's leading fingerprint sensors

  • Configurable operation modes (smart card and fingerprint, fingerprint identification, etc.)

  • Flexible interface (RS232/RS422/RS485, Wiegand input & output)

  • User configurable I/O (can be connected to switch, tamper alarm or relay circuit)

  • Tamper switch protection against breaking or crushing

  • Duress finger mode


Flash Memory 4MB
EER < 0.1%
Enrollment time 800 msec (OP) / 700 msec (TC) / 850 msec (FC)
1:1 Verification time 800 msec (OP) / 700 msec (TC) / 850 msec (FC)
Template size 256 ~ 384 Bytes
Smart card SO14443A Mifare Fingerprint template on card Command card function
Template capacity 9,000 at 4MB flash
Host communication RS232/RS422/RS485 9600/19200/38400/57600/115200 bps
Aux. communucation RS232 9600/19200/38400/57600/115200 bps
Wiegand interface input 1 port / output 1 port Support various formats (26 bit standard, custom, and passthrough format )
External I/O 2 TTL input, function programmable 2 TTL output, event and pattern programmable
Encryption 256 bit AES (fingerprint data protection)
Supply voltage 9~ 24 Vdc
Size 175 x 75 x 54 (L x W x H)


  • Time attendance and access control for offices

  • Integrated payroll and HR management of employees
  • Networked security for IBS buildings, financial and research institutes
  • Data collection for customer reward management

Operation Modes

  • Smart card + Fingerprint (Default)

  • Fingerprint identification (1:N matching)

  • Smart card (Bypass card)


  • Standalone

  • BioEntry Smart
  • Network

  • BioEntry Smart
  • Replacing Existing Readers

  • BioEntry Smart

Enrollment Station

    BioEntry Smart


    BioEntry Smart

BioAdmin S/W

    BioEntry Smart
  • Management software running on MS Windows based PC platforms

  • User administration such as enrollment and deletion

  • Upload transaction log from BioEntry

  • Parameter setting of BioEntry

  • I/O, LED, and Wiegand configuraion of BioEntry